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Sunflower Lounge Mosman is a place for you to sit and try some of Sydney’s best coffee. Providing a great spot for family and friends to meet for Breakfast, Lunch, Coffee or just a naughty treat. We use award winning Paul Bassett, single provenance coffee which provides sweetness and vibrancy while delivering a complexity of flavour.

Cafe Location & Opening hours:

37A Spofforth Street, Mosman, NSW, 2088

Mon-Fri 6.30am to 5pm

Sat & Sun 7.00am to 5.00pm

We look forward to seeing you soon.


Available from 6:30am-12 weekdays | 7:00am-12 weekends
‘San Antonio’s’ Banana bread Toasted
‘San Antonio Bakery’ Artisan Sourdough Bread toasted
with spreads – Levain, Farmer’s Grain, Sesame/Poppy seed, Soy/Linseed or Fruit toast
‘Naturally gluten free’ seeded gluten free toast
Croque Monsieur
Sunflowers French style oven toasted sandwich w/ freshly carved leg ham and three cheese bechamel
Organic, handcrafted muesli
w/ maple toasted mixed nuts and seeds, cranberry, apricot, date and coconut served with yogurt and fresh fruit
Grilled flat mushrooms
topped w/ goats cheese, spiced garlic crumb w/ roast tomato and dressed roquette on sour dough
Toasted Quinoa bowl
w/ roasted roma tomato, rstd mushroom, toasted seeds, spinach, poached egg and gomishio
Avocado and fresh tomato
on sour dough toast w/ balsamic roquette. (+poached egg ex $3.00)
Baked Beans and Eggs
Housemade maple-roasted leg ham baked beans on sourdough toast with poached eggs
Scrambled eggs
w/ pecorino, chives and Sourdough toast
Soft Poached free range eggs on Sourdough toast
Breakfast Plate
Poached or scrambled eggs, bacon, roasted tomato, roasted mushrooms, and hash brown on sourdough

A bit on the side

Want to mix it up? You can add any of the extras below
+ avocado
+ bacon
+ hot smoked salmon
+ roast tomato/mushroom
+ goats fetta
+ freshly carved leg ham
+ chorizo
+ house baked beans
+ poached egg


Available from 12-5pm weekdays | 12-5pm weekends
Tarragon chicken
poached free-range chicken breast w/ tarragon, cornichons, celery, fresh herbs, crème fraiche, mayonnaise and salad on sesame sourdough.
$15.00 Full $10.00 half
Leg ham freshly carved
w/ aged cheddar, tomato, pickled relish, mayonnaise and salad on sourdough
$13.50 Full $9.00 half
Hot Smoked Salmon
w/ herbed cream cheese, cucumber, avocado, caper relish and salad on wholemeal sourdough
$16.00 Full $11.00 half


Available from 12-3pm weekdays | 12-3pm weekends
Hand crafted quiche
with seasonal salad
Smashed avocado and fetta
poached eggs, roquette, spiced tomato relish and dukka on farmers grain
Roast pork belly Roll
fennel/pear ‘slaw, roquette and spiced pineapple jam
Chicken burger
Grilled chimichurri chicken breast, Argentinian green sauce marinade, smashed avocado, tomato/capsicum/chilli relish w/ side of crisps
Croque Monsieur
Sunflowers own, French style, oven toasted, leg ham and 3 cheese sandwich with our special bechamel
Quinoa lunch bowl
Toasted quinoa, grilled marinated chicken breast, w/ broccoli, roasted cauliflower, roquette and pecorino
Falafel plate
Roasted, cauliflower, mushroom and quinoa falafel, w/ roasted eggplant, pickled cabbage, marinated labneh, and salad
Mexican Bean Cazuela
Salsa fresca, goats feta, avocado mash, yogurt, organic corn chips
Soba Noddle Salad
Grilled broccolini and zucchini, crisp baked tofu, spinach, sesame/ miso dressing, w/- flaked smoked salmon or roasted pork belly

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