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‘San Antonio’s’ Banana bread Toasted.   $5.00

‘San Antonio Bakery’ Artisan Sourdough Bread toasted with spreads – Levain, Farmer’s Grain, Sesame/Poppy seed, Soy/Linseed or Fruit toast. $6.00

‘Naturally gluten free’ seeded gluten free toast  $6.00

Croque Monsieur  Sunflowers French style oven toasted sandwich w/ freshly carved leg ham and three cheese bechamel.   $16.50


Almond, quinoa and ground seed porridge w/ crushed toasted almond, fresh banana and blueberries. 15.50

Organic, handcrafted muesli w/ maple toasted mixed nuts and seeds, cranberry, apricot, date and coconut served with yogurt and fresh fruit.  $15.50

Grilled flat mushrooms topped w/ goats cheese, spiced garlic crumb w/ roast tomato and dressed roquette on sour dough. $16.50

Toasted Quinoa bowl w/ roasted roma tomato, rstd mushroom, toasted seeds, spinach, poached egg and gomishio.   $16.50 

Avocado and fresh tomato on sour dough toast w/ balsamic roquette.   $15.50

 +poached egg  $3.00

Baked Beans and Eggs Housemade maple-roasted leg ham baked beans on sourdough toast with poached eggs.  $16.50

Scrambled eggs w/ pecorino, chives and Sourdough toast.   $12.00

Soft Poached free range eggs on Sourdough toast  $11.00

Breakfast Plate Poached or scrambled eggs, bacon, roasted tomato, roasted mushrooms,

and hash brown on sourdough.  $19.50

A Bit on the Side

+ avocado  $4.00 + bacon  $4.50 + hot smoked salmon  $5.00  + roast tomato/mushroom   $3.50 + goats fetta  $4.50 + freshly carved leg ham $4.50  + chorizo $4.50 + house baked beans $5.00




Tarragon chicken, poached free-range chicken breast w/ tarragon, cornichons, celery, fresh herbs, crème fraiche, mayonnaise and salad on sesame sourdough. $15.00-Full $10.00-half

Leg ham freshly carved w/ aged cheddar, tomato, pickled relish, mayonnaise and salad on sourdough. $13.50-Full $9.00-half

Hot smoked salmon w/ herbed cream cheese, cucumber, avocado, caper relish and salad on wholemeal sourdough. $16.00-Full $11.00-half




Soup  w/ crusty baguette.  13.00

Pot Pie  w/ seasonal salad.  17.50

Hand crafted quiche with seasonal salad.  $14.50

Smashed avocado and fetta, poached eggs, roquette, spiced tomato relish and dukka on farmers grain.  $17.50

Roast pork belly Roll, fennel/pear ‘slaw, roquette and spiced pineapple jam.  $16.50

Chicken burger, Grilled chimichurri chicken breast, Argentinian green sauce marinade, smashed avocado, tomato/capsicum/chilli relish w/ side of crisps. $17.50

Croque Monsieur Sunflowers own, French style, oven toasted, leg ham and 3 cheese sandwich with our special bechamel.   $16.50

Quinoa lunch bowl Toasted quinoa, grilled marinated chicken breast, w/ broccoli, roasted cauliflower, roquette and pecorino.  $17.50

Falafel plate Roasted, cauliflower, mushroom and quinoa falafel, w/ roasted eggplant, pickled cabbage, marinated labneh, and salad. $17.00

Mexican beef Slow cooked, shredded- Mexican beef and beans, fresh house-made tortillas w/ avocado and sour cream, roquette and lime.  $17.50